Welcome to our website.  We hope you find it useful.

We are a non-profit organization.  We provide scholarships and assistance to local organizations, such as St. MAM (St. Matthews Area Ministries).  We also take part in community service events.

We meet twice a month, usually at The St. Matthews Community Center, 310 Ten Pin Lane.  We have entertaining and informative programs.

If you are interested in attending one of our programs, or in joining our club, please feel free to contact us.  We would love to meet you.  We are a friendly group and welcome new members.  We have a lot of fun; actually we get a little silly sometimes, but we seriously care  about each other.

If you want to have fun and make a difference in the community, join us!

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The Woman’s Club of St. Matthews is a Federated Club, in other words, we are part of the GFWC (General Federation of Women’s Clubs). GFWC is one the world’s oldest and largest women’s organizations dedicated to community improvement through volunteer service.


GFWC clubs set their own agendas and work on projects and programs that address the specific needs of their communities…

GFWC clubs have access to tools and information that enable them to become effective grassroots advocates on public policy issues affecting families and communities…

GFWC clubs are actively involved in supporting public libraries and public school libraries…

GFWC clubs benefit from material, resources, support and technical assistance available exclusively to members…

GFWC members network and form lasting friendships with women across the country and around the world…

GFWC members of all ages have opportunities for personal growth and enrichment through leadership training and development…

GFWC is broken down into state organizations.  The Woman’s Club of St. Matthews is a member of GFWC-KY.  GFWC-KY is broken down into districts.  The Woman’s Club of St. Matthews is part of the 3rd District which encompasses Jefferson County and Oldham County.

The six 3rd District Clubs / Presidents include:

Beechmont:           Paulette Sparks                 502‐361-4441

Fern Creek:           Linda Roalofs                     502‐239‐5817

Hikes Point:          Gwynne Harpring                502‐451‐3001

Okolona:               Anne Aubrey                       270‐737‐0276

Shively:                 Caroll Russell                     502‐366‐4734

St. Matthews:        Mary Jo Nay                       502‐425‐0903

On the state level and the district level, there are various activities and gatherings.  All are welcome to attend these gatherings as well as events held by other clubs.  We add the activities of the other clubs to our Calendar of Events.

If you are looking for connections to your community, interested in meeting new friends, and ready to have some fun, we have it all!