If you are interested in joining the Woman’s Club of St. Matthews (WCSM), please feel free to contact us. We would love to meet you. We are a friendly group and welcome new members. We have a lot of fun; actually we get a little silly sometimes, but we seriously care about each other. 

Membership Chairman Lynn Bridwell    502‐553-6481

WCSM club members meet twice a month on the second and fourth Monday’s of each month, excluding July. To view our current schedule Click Here

The meeting held on the second Monday of the month is always our business meeting where we share announcements, correspondence, upcoming programs, club events, volunteer opportunities, GFWC news, committee reports and club finances. This is a members only meeting. 

The meeting held on the fourth  Monday of the month is a club program, workshop or field trip. These are open to the general public, both female and male. Members are always encouraged to invite family, friends or neighbors who may enjoy the announced topic. 

Yearly membership fee is $35.00.                                                                                    There are no other mandatory membership fees. However, there may be nominal fees associated with field trips and/or luncheons, which are optional to attend.  

Access the WCSM membership application form:  Click Here

To get a better understanding of WCSM, please visit the “Gallery – View What We Do” tab on this website. 


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