Raptor Rehabilitation Center of Kentucky – GFWC KY Service Project

Projects have always been a part of our history.

April 24th of each year, General Federation of Women’s Clubs, (GFWC) celebrates the “birthday”, the day designated as the beginning of the organization.

The Kentucky Federation of Women’s Club (KFWC), now GFWC KY, formed in July of 1894. A group that met in downtown Lexington, petitioned to become a member of the organization. They joined the General Federation of Women’s Clubs at that time becoming the fourth state to join the organization. By 1909, Kentucky had 85 organized clubs. By the end of 1921, KFWC, now GFWC KY, was 150 clubs strong and boasted over 16,000 members.

So in honor of this special day, plans were made for a “work” day at the Kentucky Raptor Rehabilitation Center in Louisville.  Clubs from all over Kentucky were invited to participate. We would clean some cages, weed flower beds, plant flowers and just do some general spring clean. Following our work, we would tour the facility and visit the current “residents” that are living at the center. 

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