Play Bridge!

When:     Games are played the first Wednesday of each month

Where:    Locations vary monthly, but all are locally.

WCSM clubwomen have been meeting as a group to play the game of Bridge for decades. Bridge members may come and go but the fun continues on. Clubwomen regularly lobby for new members to join in the game, and are eager to teach those who are interested in learning.  As quoting a club member who regularly participates in the game, “We are not a cut-throat group, we just want to have FUN!” 

Bridge is a trick-taking card game using a standard 52-card deck. In its basic format, it is played by four players in two competing partnerships, with partners sitting opposite each other around a table. Millions of people play bridge worldwide in clubs, tournaments, online and with friends at home, making it one of the world’s most popular card games. 


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