Second Chances Wildlife Center

The Woman’s Club of St Matthews welcomed the Director of Second Chances Wildlife Refuge as our Environmental Program speaker. It was wonderful to be meeting in person at the St. Matthews City Hall for our program.  

The Environment Chair asked the director to share her expertise regarding the conservation of native wildlife.   The Center was founded in 2009 and is located on 23 acres just south of Louisville in Mt. Washington.  It serves several surrounding counties. 

The Director explained how they rescue orphaned or injured animals native to the area. Most are rehabilitated and released back into their native habitat; however, some are not able to be released.  Some of those animals are then used in educational programs.

A special guest was “Rudy” the skunk.  Rudy cannot be released back into his original habitat and lives at the Center.

In their facility, they have an area that serves as a nursery for the very young animals that need special attention, and other areas that have large cages and even some outdoor areas to help re-acclimate the animals to be released.  They have a wide range of animals that they encounter such as foxes, rabbits, squirrels, groundhogs, beavers, opossum, raccoons, skunks and lots of bats.  Some bats are local, but a few are in the country illegally and there is no other centers that cares for these bats.

The members were cautioned about disturbing baby animals we encounter as their mothers are usually close by and will return. 

Second Chances only receives private donations; no governmental funding.  With no other facilities available to take care of native wildlife, Second Chances fulfills a much needed role in preserving our native species of animals.  Fundraisers include a wildlife baby shower, a trial run in Cherokee Park called Run Wild, and the Kentucky Bat Festival.

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