Organ & Tissue Donation

Organ and Tissue donation and transplantation is more than the operation itself, although that is the goal. There are a number of agencies and organizations that promote, support and celebrate this wonderful and ultimate Gift of Life. 

A panel of four women presented a program highlighting different aspects of Organ & Tissue donation.  The panel members were Woman’s Club St. Matthews Education Chairman who is a two time kidney transplant recipient, Ms. Stephanie Grooms with the Kentucky Circuit Court Clerks – Trust for Life, Mrs. Donna Edwards Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliate Ambassador(KODA), who is a ‘donor mom”, as her son donated organs at his death, and Mrs. Dorothy Duckworth a member of Second Chance at Life and a recipient of a liver transplant.

Each woman shared with members and visitors a particular view of organ & tissue donation and how each woman’s life has been impacted by it. A question and answer session was held at the end of the program and a host of handout materials were available.

Facts & Figures

Acceptable donors range from newborns to senior citizens.

Sadly, nearly 150 people or one new name is added to the nation’s waiting list every 10 minutes. (6 person an hour)

90% of Americans say they support donation, but only 30% know the essential steps to take to be a donor.

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