Introduction to Tai Chi

The Health and Wellness Chair presented an introduction to Tai Chi, which is a low-impact exercise routine of fluid, slow movements that can greatly improve posture, provide stress relief, develop inner peace and self-awareness, and relax the whole body. Most importantly, as we age, we are more prone to balance issues that can lead to falls and substantial injuries. Tai Chi has been known to greatly improve overall balance and is highly recommended as an exercise for all ages, but especially for the elderly.

After explaining Tai Chi, the members participated in a short warm-up session. A DVD by David-Dorian Ross was played. You can find his classes on YouTube and other social media. There are a ton of other instructors out there offering short (or long!) sessions.

All the members enjoyed the introduction and two members (one was celebrating her birthday!) won the two door prizes of DVDs by David-Dorian Ross.

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