Glass Painting Program

A program was presented by the WCSM Arts Chairwoman to introduce glass painting with Galley Glass products. 

Gallery Glass Window Color is a water-based and non-toxic product, that when applied to glass, appears as a milky color yet dries to a transparent, vivid color. Gallery Glass Window Colors allow the DIY enthusiast to create a project that simulates the look of real stained glass. In the application process, Gallery Glass Window Color can be applied to both a vertical or horizontal surface, making it perfect to use on windows that are already vertically installed.

The program included sample projects, group instruction and hands-on participation by all in attendance to complete prepared items. A group project of a large window depicting WCSM club flower, iris, was worked on by many in attendance, to be used by the club in the future. A drawing for ownership of the small University of Louisville and University of Kentucky logo frames was held at the end of the program.  

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