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Kentucky’s New Secure Driver’s Licenses

The Woman’s Club of St. Matthews, along with the City of St. Matthews Government, held a Community Forum at the St. Matthews Community Center to inform the general public about the new licenses being issued to drivers by the State of Kentucky. 

The Circuit Court Clerks office branches will be issuing a choice of two types of driver’s licenses for the State of Kentucky.  Each type of license will require specific documents to be presented at the time of application, and each type of license will allow the holder specific privileges as it pertains to travel and access to federal buildings. 

Officials from the Circuit Court Clerks office attended the event to present the specific requirements for issuing the new driver’s licenses and to answer questions. 

Kentucky driver’s licenses allow holders to designate that they are registered on the Organ and Tissue Donation list.  Volunteers with the Circuit Court Clerks – Trust for Life organization attended the Forum. These volunteers answered questions about becoming a registered organ donor, and how the new driver’s licenses will effect driver’s registrations, on the organ & tissue donation list, at the time of issuing the new licenses. 

Note: Trust for Life Volunteers, shown in the photo below are: (L-R) Edina, who’s husband is a recipient of a Kidney donation, Greg, who is a recipient of a liver donation, and Steve, who is a recipient of a lung donation. 

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