Bambino Buddy-Ball

To address a Public Issue in our area, the Woman’s Club of St. Matthews made a sizable donation to help in the efforts to continue providing this program. 

Bambino Buddy-Ball – Ages 5-20

Babe Ruth League, Inc. believes that every child has the right to participate in the games of baseball and softball.  We have always encouraged our member leagues to accept all players regardless of their physical or mental ability.  The Bambino Buddy-Ball Division was established for organizations who wish to charter a league that encompasses players ages 5-19 who are either physically and/or mentally challenged.  This division makes allowance for a “buddy” to help the player swing a bat, round the bases, catch a ball, etc.  There are no restrictions to the age of the “buddy”.  A Bambino Buddy-Ball team may be comprised of players ages 5-19 and sometimes older.  The Bambino Buddy-Ball division is designed so that everyone has the opportunity to have fun.

The Bambino Buddy-Ball Division allows our challenged or special needs  athletes to develop confidence  and positive self-esteem.  It allows them to be part of organized  sports and assists with physical fitness as well as their social skills.  The joy and emotion you experience when you put on that first baseball uniform or cap on a challenged child’s head is like no other.  As you can see, the Bambino Buddy-Ball Division is an emotionally rewarding   experience for everyone as it also allows the “buddies” to feel good about helping their challenged friends, while at the same time making it a fun and memorable time for all.

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Playing the Game

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