Supporting GFWC-KY 3rd District Clubs

Woman’s Club of St. Matthews is located in General Federation of Women’s Clubs Kentucky 3rd District. 

It is important that each club, within their respective districts, support their sister clubs in their efforts to make a difference in their communities. 

Okolona Woman’s Club held a Trivia Night to raise funds for many worthy causes, including college scholarships. WCSM clubwomen, along with a few family members attended this fun event.  With six persons to at table, our group was divided into two teams.  Our groups expectations of winning the event were not high, but naturally, there was some friendly competition between the two WCSM tables.  To everyone’s surprise not only was one WCSM table victorious over the other, but additionally they placed third in the overall event.   What a fun night and a successful event for our sister club, Okolona. 

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