Senior Care Experts – St. Matthews

SCE’s Mission: To enable seniors to live healthy, comfortable and fulfilling lives at home, by being a trusted non-profit provider of services, products and information in metro Louisville.

Our clubwomen chose to find ways to serve the seniors in our community, concentrating on those seniors who are home bound, possibly with limited contact and interaction with the outside world.  To accomplish our goal, WCSM partnered with a local senior service provider, Senior Care Experts (SCE), who provides caring program services, helping seniors stay healthy, safe, independent, connected and maintain dignity in their later years.


Several clubwomen volunteered  hours of their time with SCE handling tasks such as administrational assistance, or delivering daily meals to homes.

Donations-Food, Personal Hygiene & Material Needs:

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Each year a one-day Christmas collection drive among club members is held to donate non-perishable food items, personal hygiene items and material needs such as lap blankets, winter gloves, hat and scarves.

Our clubwomen are abundantly generous. The donated items each year are enough to completely fill all of the available cargo area and middle seat area of a Honda Odyssey van.  It is estimated that the collection delivered to SCE, to be distributed to needy seniors, well exceeds $600 in value.


A makeshift club post office is set up at the club’s annual Christmas luncheon. Clubwomen are asked to bring any holiday cards to the party that they would normally mail to their fellow club members. In place of the USPS postage rate of $0.50, the club charges each member $0.10 per card deposited in the club post office. Cards are compiled and distributed to members at the luncheon and the funds generated of $150 or more, are donated to SCE to assist seniors with financial needs. 

Care Cards:

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Care Cards are 3 x 5 white card stock to which the members decorate one side with uplifting graphics and messages. Graphics range from cheerful stickers to small works of personal artistry, while messages range from holiday wishes to everyday greetings. In some instances, grandchildren of club members contributed their time and talents. Care Cards are donated to SCE, in groups of approximately 130, matching the estimated number of daily meals delivered to the SCE clients.  The purpose of this project is to bring a smile and an uplifted spirit to a homebound citizen, and to emphasize that others throughout the community have not forgotten and are thinking of them.

Care Cards Donated 2017     1157

Care Cards Donated 2018     1392

Spring & Christmas Florals:

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Two times each year, our club members gather for a workshop to create tiny floral arrangements to be distributed by SCE to homebound clients.  View past workshops where florals were being created by our clubwomen and guests. click here

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