GFWC KY Conference 2018

The Woman’s Club of St. Matthews is a member of the Kentucky 3rd District. 

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Business at the Convention

Woman’s Club of St. Matthews was recognized & WON AWARDS !!!!!!

  • WCSM First Place over ALL for: Website.
  • WCSM First Place in medium clubs for : Conservation.
  • WCSM was recognized for having 110%, highest possible, on our yearly GFWC KY Score Card. 
  • WCSM Clubwoman won a first place in photography for her Black & White Still Life.  Now it’s off to International competition.
  • WCSM Clubwoman, Teresa Schmidt, was Elected GFWC KY President-Elect.  
  • WCSM Clubwoman, Rochelle James, was installed as 3rd District Governor
  • WCSM Clubwoman, elected to a 5 year term on the GFWC KY Headquarters board. 
  • WCSM Clubwoman won the Project Runway Competition, and had moved forward to International competition in St. Louis. 

WCSM President, (in wheelchair), accepts an award on behalf of the club.

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Conference Program 

An exclusive presentation of the Kentucky Humanities. Kentucky Chautauqua and GFWC Kentucky presents, “Madeline McDowell Breckinridge“,  as she speaks about “Votes for Women

 Ms. Breckinridge is played by Kelly O’Connell Brengelman and presented a 35 minute program on Ms. Breckinridge and why it was important for her to be involved in the Woman Suffrage Association. Kentucky ratified the 19th Amendment on January 6, 1920, giving women the right to vote.

GFWC KY President Susette Redwine introduces “Madeline McDowell Breckenridge”.

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Hollywood Walk of Fame Contest

Each District was to select a Hall of Fame personality from the movies, tv, radio, record or theater. This personality could be one individual or a couple. (example Sonny & Cher) The candidate was to dress in costumer and be presented at the beginning of the GFWC KY convention. Each candidate was to raise money in support. The candidate raising the most money was honored during the 2018 convention. Proceeds from this fundraiser went toward the replacement of the heating and air conditioning units at the GFWC KY headquarters in Frankfort.

The candidates were; (L-R) 

  • District 2 – “Elizabeth Taylor” Kitty David – Madisonville WC  
  • District 8 – “Sheri Lewis & Lamb Chop”  Bridget Murphy – Morgan County WC
  • District 4 – “Audrey Hepburn” Donna Burke – Bullitt County WC
  • District 9 – “Mickey & Minnie Mouse” Preshus Howard & Sherri Hammons – Barbourville Junior Woman’s Study Club.
  • Not Shown: District 3 – “Phyllis Diller” Caroll Russell – Shively WC.

Hollywood Walk of Fame contest contestants

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And the winner is,……………… District 3 – “Phyllis Diller” Caroll Russell !

Project Runway Competition

Each State General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC) is invited to participate in this Project Runway challenge. Kentucky held it’s own Project Runway during the GFWC Kentucky State Convention to select our best dressed, who will continue on to the International GFWC competition for best outfit Internationally. 

The challenge: To create a complete outfit using reusable TOTE BAGS. NOT plastic grocery bags but reusable bags that you can get almost anywhere. Bags used must already be owned by Club Members – so no buying new cute ones!!!!!
Bring your outfit and model it at the Kentucky State Convention where the voting will take place.
Rules: Your fashion entry must be a complete outfit; i.e. dress, top and skirt, top and pants,jumpsuit.
Either fabric reusable or plastic reusable bags can be used; no plastic grocery bags.
Entry must be made of at least 80% tote bags; other fabric and some clothing may be used, but the entire outfit must be at least 80% tote bags.
Entry does not have to be sewn; any way you keep it together is acceptable.

Kentucky’s Competitors Were …..  

  • District 1 – Cynthia Barnes of Murray WC  “A Royal Gown” 
  • District 2 – Donna Vaughn of Madisonville WC “Day at the Beach”
  • District 3 – Teresa Schmidt of WC of St. Matthews  “My Fair Lady”
  • District 8 – Dee Biebighauser of Morehead WC  “Sun Flower”
  • District 8 – Pheobe McCoy of Heritage WC  “A Sight for Sore Eyes” 

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…… And the Winner is,…….. District 3 – Teresa Schmidt in her “My Fair Lady” outfit. She and her winning outfit were off to St. Louis for the International Competition. 

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